Importance of Non Verbal Communication at the Time of Interview

JobsdhamakaThe process of judging you starts even before you say any word at the time of interview. As soon as you shake hands with the interviewer, the course of opinion buildup starts. Recruiter starts judging you by your posture, appearance, nervous look and smile while you sit for your turn at the time of interview.

You need to make sure that the interview process remains interactive and there should be enough enthusiasm in you to show that you are really excited about getting this job. To sum up you will have to breathe life into the whole process.

Importance of Non-verbal Messages

Let us now look at some of the non verbal messages you send across at the time of interview and how to improve them.

  1. Handshake: You should not present a limp and damp hand to your interviewer. Handshake needs to be firm and you need to make sure your hand is dry as well as warm.
  2. Posture: You need to sit as well as stand erect. If you have a slouching posture, it will look as if you are uncaring and tired.
  3. Eye Contact: It is important to look at the interviewer, do not stare constantly, but make sure there is frequent eye contact. Do not look around the room all the time, it will clearly show that you lack confidence or are very nervous.
  4. Hands: Gesturing while talking is a natural act but make sure it remains within moderate levels. A lot of hand gesture can lead to distraction at the time interview. Additionally, do not touch your mouth at the time of talking.
  5. Do not Fidget: It can really send across wrong impression if you keep on playing with your hair, tap feet, keep clicking pen tops or touch different body parts without knowing about it.Jobsdhamaka

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A job portal which has something to offer for consultants!

JobsdhamakaWhen you take a closer look perhaps you would agree that even a consultant is a job seeker because they would be looking for jobs from new clients. Perhaps there is only job portal which cater to the needs of such consultants. The popular job portal namely; has an exclusive utility for the consultants. Once the consultant posts his resume, the Jobsdhamaka highlights his resume in such a way it gets wide visibility worldwide. In fact, the resume of the consultant appear even in social media and a result, the consultant stands fair chance of getting new clients.

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A perfect meeting place for job seeker, employer and consultant

JobsdhamakaNormally, most of the job or employment portals have access only to job seekers who post their resume and it appears in the website of the job portal. But, the problem of such job portal lies in the fact; it does not facilitate enough publicity to the specialized skill of the job seeker. As a result, the job seeker fails to get a suitable job and the employer fails to pick the person of required aptitude. This gap has been effectively filled by the which is a venture from experts of voivo infotech and Indian trade Centre.

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Vital Tips on Preparing Properly for an Interview

JobsdhamakaAfter your resume is shortlisted the next big step would be preparing for the job interview so that you can easily get selected. If you keep the following tips in mind and follow them then you would be able to improve your chances of getting the job manifold. Let us look at them now.

Prior to Attending Interview

Before going for the interview, you need to:

  1. Do appropriate research about the organization as well as the job role.
  2. Consider how your skills and experience will fit into the job role you will have in this new company.
  3. Perform proper research about the trends and current affairs in the job sector.
  4. Try to figure out what your prospective employer is searching for.
  5. Foresee question you might get during the interview and prepare answers for them.
  6. Check out whether interview would be conduct by single person, a group or panel.
  7. Prepare about the things you want your interviewer to be familiar with about you at the time of interview.

5 Things to Do on the Day of Interview

  1. Turn up on time or even better if you can come a bit early.
  2. Be organized and have your resume, application letter and sample of work ready.
  3. At the time of interview carefully listen to all the questions and give answers concisely.
  4. Try to highlight the best attributes you have.
  5. Put more emphasis on the way you communicate and should be speaking audibly as well as maintain eye contact with the interviewer. If there is no eye contact then it will show your lack of confidence and negatively affect your chances of being selected.

How not to be tense during the interview?

JobsdhamakaThe tension of interview can be unnerving and only by having the right preparation you can ease such tension. You need to have confidence in your qualities and be fully aware of the requirements of the job to be successful during the interview.

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Want to Succeed: Wear Multiple Hats

JobsdhamakaIf you want to succeed in life you need some extra qualities apart from oft described skills of communication, having positive attitude, etc. The list of qualities that good business enterprises expect from their employees is not very long, but it is fairly comprehensive.  The list contains, organizing ability, commitment, the ability to go extra mile to do the task perfectly, positive attitude and what is described very colourfully is ability to wear two hats at the same time.

Wearing two hats simply means doing whatever it takes to help in completing a project, a task, it means versatility and not sticking to your own job description, in other words if you need more chairs in a meeting room, you will go out and them without being asked, because it will  help your organization to make a perfect presentation. If you stand waiting for others whose duty it is to bring extra chairs then you are not a fit person to work in a blue chip organization.

Jobsdhamaka Another concept that is highly appreciated revolves around conscientiousness, in simple words it Jobsdhamakameans paying extra attention to all the details, before submitting a report, check if your spelling and grammar is correct, do not depend on spelling and grammar checking software, it goes wrong sometimes, check if all the files are complete, and your paper work is in perfect order. The employers expect you to be dependable, passionate about your work, and have good decision making abilities.  If you have all these skills or even some of them, you will never be unemployed in your life. Some of these abilities have to do with the work ethics, work ethics is not something that carries empty rhetoric; it is a belief that is held and acted upon by some of the well-known companies in the world

Subtly Influence the Recruiter

There are plenty of jobs in the job market, you have spend a fortune sending your resume, attending interview Jobsdhamakacalls, trudging from office to office, yet you are still employed. You see all the jobs landing in the laps of people who are not as well educated as you are, whose resumes are a mess, they come unprepared to the job interview, and yet walk out of the room with an appointment letter in their hands. What are you doing that is wrong, your resume is a gem of clarity and conciseness, your education is impeccable and you dress up to attend the interview, yet the dream job just stays a dream.

You need a new strategy to get your dream jobs on Jobsdhamaka.  Forget about the perfect resume, impeccable dressing, and using rhetoric to get a good job.  The H.R. department receives thousand perfect resumes every day, your dress style may influence your girl friend but leave the officer who is taking your interview cold, because he has seen a thousand young men and women in a similar dress.  Change your strategy, use out of the box of approach, do a little research, find out a new thing the company or the firm has acquired recently, and show your appreciation.  Everyone wants to be appreciated and admired for something they have done, your win a half battle when you effortlessly appreciate the new decoration, environment, acquisitions whatever you find new.

The pundits, who have written a lot on how to attend the interview, advise you is to Jobsdhamakakeep a smile on your smile on your face, but they have forgotten to tell you how artificial that smile looks if it is not genuine. As you enter the interview room, give genuine smile and watch the recruiting panel mirroring your smile. Clever people understand the difference between a genuine smile and one that is pasted on your face to impress them.

Emphasize a New Set of Job Skills

JobsdhamakaIf we think that job set skills are some lofty skills that you have acquired at a high level job and the skills you have used serving coffee in a college cafeteria are negligible than think again. Job skills mean all types of skills acquired when you were working for money. Who says that juggling five mugs of coffee and carrying a sweetener, along with a couple of burgers is not a skill, it needs balancing, multi tasking and juggling customer service all put together. You must have carefully worked the strategy of your balancing act and successfully completed a difficult project.

Every manager emphasis five set of desirable skills, communication, interpersonal skills within a group or your team, ‘work ethic’ that includes punctuality, keeping a positive attitude, keeping cool in a trying situation, handling crisis using logic, and reliability. According to Jobsdhamaka consolers, All these skills are also learnt and practiced during the summer jobs as well. A management expert said that each job, even a lowersalesskills level job entails two things, satisfying customers and solving problems. These skills are needed in all level of jobs; even serving in the restaurant also needs marketing and communication skills to market the products available along with putting your best foot forward to satisfy the customers.

Nevertheless, while emphasizing the job skills already in hand, it is best not to give the impression that you are satisfied with the skills you have acquired in your summer job, rather emphasis the fact that you are now in a place where you are open to learn new jobs skills that are more suitable for the job advertised, such as critical analysis, finding solution and a sincere effort to follow orders. Let there be no hesitation in your desire to carry out the job skills to a higher or even global level.

The comfortable meeting place for job seekers and employers

Job seekers always find it difficult to get a comprehensive view of the various job Jobsdhamakaopportunities available to suit their education and career options. On the other hand, many times even the employers find it extremely difficult to get a suitable candidate for job opportunities available with them. Further, most of the online portals could not function as an effective common platform for job seekers and employers. This gap is now effectively bridged by the online portal which was jointly started in the year 2008 by Voivo InfoTech and Indian Trade Center.   The very fact that within a short span of about six years since this online portal was started the portal has more than 3 lakhs registered users highlights the versatile application of this portal.

The unique feature of lies in the fact that it is designed to be user friendly. Job seekers can register their names free of cost. Once they register and submit their resume, they get weekly updates on various job opportunities available to them. At regular intervals, they would also get up dates about the current trends in the job markets. The talents of job seekers would be uploaded to the social media so that their skills would get wider visibility among the prospective employers. This enables the employers to instantly shortlist the prospective job seekers. Of course, even the employers will have to register with this online portal.  In fact, many consultants have been able to find a suitable client by placing their advertisement with this portal.

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Multicultural Societies are a Norm in the Globalized World


 The modern world is closely interconnected through communication and   business ties.  No corner of the world is remote or inaccessible now.  You  can travel to any corner of the world, climb the highest mountain, and dive in the deepest sea, nothing is impossible.  While modern technology has made it easy to connect the world, it is has also made something difficult as well. Human beings are faced with some situations they have never faced before and hence have not developed skills to deal with them.  In the business organizations, you will find people from all corners of the world, from all strata of society and religions working side by side on Jobsdhamaka.  A professional working in such a place needs to be aware and sensitive to multicultural trends.

Sensitivity and awareness in a multicultural and multi religious setting can be cultivated in order to build a rapport with your colleagues. In an international business environment the person who is working on the next desk can be anyone, a Chinese, a man from Sub Sahara regions, a Norwegian or someone from the United States of America.  You need to develop a fine sense of sensitivity and awareness of other cultures and religions to maintain a harmonious relationship with your co workers.

You may as well ask why I need to be aware and sensitive all the time, I am not going to live with them or make Jobsdhamakathem my friends, and I just work with them. The answer is very simple, you are not going to live with them, but you are going to work with them, eight hours a day, it does not help if you look at a watch, notice that it is twelve o’clock in the noon and crack a joke, and the man who is sitting in the next desk is a Sikh. Regardless, of the fact that you may not need him but offending him needlessly is not a good idea and does not say much about your ability to be sensitive and aware of other people’s feelings.

Watch it! Here Comes another Word EQ

JobsdhamakaPsychologists and behaviour scientists first informed us that we need to understand out intelligence in order to use it effectively, they called it IQ testing. Most probably you have not recovered from the effect of finding out what is your IQ, now you have to face another new word this one is called EQ, emotional intelligence. Now there is no need to scratch your head and do a Google search, the word is bandied around in the seminar and workshops all the time. Basically it means your ability to read the mind of your co-workers and people you interact with during the official transactions. Why do you need to read people’s mind? The answer to this question is, you need to read people’s mind in order to interact with them effectively.

Let us say that EQ means that you develop the ability to read people’s mind and react with maturity. Interaction is the mainstay of business environment, and EQ helps you to understand people, motivate them and cooperate with them and have a good working relationship with them. Jobsdhamaka supporting team’s point of view, The quality of a good leader is motivating his team members to give their best and the quality of a good team member is to cooperate with his or her team mates. We all need good EQ to interact, work and live in the society. Five components of EQ are self awareness, self regulations, motivation, empathy and social skills.

Why do we need all these five skills; please note that they are interconnected, without self awareness you will not be able to understand your reactions to your co-workers, family members, friends and acquaintances. If you are not aware of your reactions you will not be able to regulate your reactions and may end up by offending people instead of motivating them. The last two skills are social skills and how you empathize with people. These five qualities will lead you to succeed in your chosen career path.